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Not Tracking Phone Calls Costs Your
Business A Sizable Fortune!

Every business owner or manager has been there, you know, at the end of a meeting with the marketing team or with an agent from some advertising firm, when they show you a marketing piece and then ask you what phone number you want to use in the ad.

You quickly run through a couple of possibilities and settle on a number.

The marketing piece runs and you start getting calls, and a few people even reference the ad but most say nothing about how they found your number.

Being a smart business person you want to know which ad is generating calls so you can spend your money on productive advertising and not waist it on things that don’t work, so you instruct your team to ask.

Your team tries and some even write it down but you would never but money on the accuracy of those numbers.

We’ve all been there before, dumping piles of money down the drain, hoping it did some good somewhere, but we’ll never really know.

Tracking calls has been inherently difficult because it is expensive and cumbersome to get a phone number for every ad your want to track or to log every call the a number originates from.

But without this information you’re at a massive disadvantage by not knowing a critical variable in the ROI formula.

There are plenty of studies that support the fact that, without these details, businesses continue to dump massive amounts of money into marketing and advertising campaigns that are actually losers and don’t come anywhere close to generating a profitable ROI.

At this point the water cooler war stories about the biggest, gut kicking losses are starting to fly fast and furious as we all start to compare and share our experiences.

As mind blowing as those experiences can be, what we really need to be aware of are the campaigns or ads that we think might be worth doing, after all the really, really bad ads eventually are called out.

Often those are the ones that will surprise us!  For better or for worse!

What is the solution?

Its no secret that phone technology as progressed by leaps-and-bounds and technology now exists that allows you to track calls on a call-by-call basis.

You can track all kinds of cool stuff about a call from every call originated, the phone number, the length of the call, originating location, and you can even record the conversation to monitor how your team is doing with the calls you are sending them.

This is a tremendous development for businesses that want to save by cutting out the campaigns that stink and focus on the ones that work.

Typically these solutions have been very expensive and fairly cost prohibited for small to mid-sized companies until recent.

CrazyNet Marketing has developed a system that will do all this, allocate as many tracking phone numbers as needed and provide detailed reports that will quickly tell you how effect an ad has been.

We are seeing customers and clients often at least double their ROI on their marketing as they are able to cut the stuff that isn’t working even though they ‘thought‘ it was and funnel the money into ramping the campaigns that are performing well.

The Crazy Call Tracker is very affordable with packages starting at $29 a month.

There are other companies that service the small to midsize markets like >ifbyphone who’s packages start at $49 at the time of this writing.

We highly recommend that you track your calls to improve your ROI, otherwise we know that statically and through the school of hard knocks, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table, if not flushing it down the draining.

When you spend piles of money in promotions it is crazy not to finish the race by seeing the results of your hard work and money.

Here’s to a more profitable future.

Joshua Hoopes
CrazyNet Marketing


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