One of the simplest things you can do to increase your response rate is make your URL easily readable.

I don’t have to tell you that as an advertiser you only have a few precious moments to make your impression, present your offer, and invite them to take action.  Even though this seems pretty basic it is amazing that so many people miss this crucial step and insist on making their URL feel like a word search puzzle thereby making the lives of their viewers more complicated.  Is that the subliminal message that you want to leave about your company, service, or offering?

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Is Your URL A Word Search?

Big brands are surprisingly often very guilty of this, but since they typically don’t adhere to the direct response marketing methodology and prefer to spend money on earning awards for their branding designs, we won’t focus on them.

The following came out of a magazine for small home business.  A venue were most marketing lives and dies by its response.

Look at the following 4 ads, glance at the URL then look away and ask yourself if you remember them.

How To Present Your Domain Name Tips

Bad URL Presentation Example

Now do the same for the following two.  Do you notice a difference?

How To Present Your Domain Name Tips

Good URL Presentation Example

In this economy most want to optimize every resource they have, if I’m spending money on marketing I want to get the best ROI possible.

Every little thing helps and this is such an easy thing to do to increase your results.

The theory is simple, make your URL more recognizable and memorable to get better ROI.

Here are a few tips:

1- Use a simple, clean font that is easy to read.  Stay away from anything that could be considered abstract art.

2- Capitalize the first letter of each word with domains that have more than one word.

2- Use color or bold on each word to offset it,  creating easily recognizable and readable web addresses that you want your viewer to remember.

3- Put Acronyms in all CAPS.

4- A URL followed by a word could use color or CAP the URL then lower-case the following word.  For example:

Here’s to crazy profits!


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